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Hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani

So I compose grandiose speeches see TEDeg. I started my life with just one big advantage: IQand did nothing with it.

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Maybe not quite nothing: it got me USA citizenship — if that is an achievement. So I really must tell everyone about myself, since everybody is obviously interested, and will hang on my words with at least as much passion as for the words of Shakespeare, Pushkin, the Jahwist or the Elohist.

Now whatever I say should be taken as literature. That is, should not be taken as a technical writing, e.

hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani

Technical writing tells you what to do with what tools and what materials. You can consult it if you forgot or missed details, and it gives essentially reproducible results.

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The style used there may seem clumsy and repetitive; in many cases this is done by design, so the same ideas appear in the same words, for added clarity. In any case, style does not matter; the one criterion is what you get by following the instructions.

In some cases, the recipes are simple enough for a computer to follow — we call that programming. It can be interesting, or brilliant, although this is certainly not the reason why it exists: only the results count, as for any technical writing. Literature, on the other hand, is not there to inform. Rather, it uses words to direct thought to something else than death and taxes.

Who's Working for Trump? You May Have Thought You Knew... (2017)

It won't give definite answers, or specify what to do; it is just fun for people who enjoy that. And it exists for the only reason of creating fun — or, if you want an elevated term, art — with language.

Now, it turns out that language is a very efficient medium for creating fun. We all have the "native speaker's" knowledge about what can be said and how, and this certainty of what is "meaningful speech", or "everyday usage" coexists with a feeling for "special" usage. My daughter, before she could speak, kept repeating "kika-kooka".

Something that nobody told her, as it did not belong to any of our languages, not even baby talk.

hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani

My hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani is that she said it precisely because she never heard it, as an affirmation of creativity. Notice: rhythm, rhyme from a babbling baby. So the skill for "unusual" language is inborn, and quite active.

In San Francisco, Flora worked as a music teacher and spiritualistclaiming to channel the spirit of a Sauk chief, Black Hawk. Whether Wellman and Chaney were legally married is unknown.

Unusual speech, e. I chose intentionally unwritten forms for examples, because the oral tradition is fully comparable in extent and sophistication with what we usually call literature the word meaning: that which uses letters. It seems to me that literature differs from other varieties of language mostly by its unusual forms.

hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani

If you have to communicate, just make your sense clear, without worrying about rhythm, rhyme, or figures of speech. And yet, these artifices may supercede communication: Lack bladders. This snippet is poetry: it does have a clear rhythm, rhyme and cross alliteration. Therefore it is enjoyable — not only for me, I hope — and, since it means nothing, how far from death and taxes!


I will not go at length about meaning and form; if the piece has meaning, and you happen to like it, so much the better: Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And poisons cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.

hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani

My thoughts exactly! But how much enhanced by the perfect rhymes and tight, repetitive form.

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So in conclusion: Do not despise the artificial: fixed forms, "poetic diction", etc. Artificial is art, and art frees you.

dictionar englez -roman

Next, a huge exageration: all education is there mostly to free you, that is to allow you to escape — only mentally, alas — from the trouble of real life. Of course education has practical applications; but sincerely consider how much of what you learnt actually connects to what yo routinely do, even more so if you have had a lot of education.

They like to push the weak around, Pushing little children, They like to push the weak around. Yerevan: 2 days before the concert Clădiri roz, pavate cu marmură răsar de după fiecare colț. O combinație între Tbilisi și Kiev cu miros de fier ars și cenușă. De la unele balcoane, flori ieșite ostentativ pe pervazele crăpate și ruginite.

And finally: It is everybody's sacred duty to be exactly like me. Thank you Medicine. Beloved wife worked as a physician for over 35 years, which I never could stop criticising. I think I understand why she did it; now I should say a few words about my point of view.

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In the following, "you" always means the patient, "he" means the doctor, including beloved wife, and "I" am the all-wise judge who can consider the situation, distinguish right from wrong, and supply directives. My idea about why anybody would want to be a doctor is that he feels that he can actually improve some patient's life, sometimes permanently. Of course, a very worthwhile and admirable reason. In good old fashioned times, he could also make some money plus social prestige, if you care about such stuff.

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Nowadays, alas, medicine won't make you rich, never mind famous; but the real reason not to be a doctor is : one shouldn't throw one's life to the dogs. Let me explain: you, as a patient, are sick twenty-four hours a day, untill, eventually, you get well. Unfortunately, your doctor is also expected to take care of you 24 hours a day. Consider the extreme case: a psychiatrist with a bipolar, but functional, patient.

The doctor should be ready to answer the patient's phone calls assuming that the therapy is not purely drug based at any time, and there are cogent motives: interpersonal bonding, interest in the case, up to date understanding of the illness evolution.

Consider also the fact that the typical hour for anxiety attacks and depresion crises is 3 AM. When will the doctor sleep? This is something that no-one can do without, although it seems to be the fashion.

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Beside pitying the sleeples doctor, would you trust him professionally? Truck drivers are supposed to drive no more than 10 hours a day.

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The lawmaker decided that their reflexes deteriorate if they work longer, and their driving becomes dangerous. Aren't tired doctor's reflexes dangerous? And we are actually talking about reflexes, say in emergency cases, or surgery.

Potrivit presei, doar în ultima lună au fost înregistrate 5 astfel de organizaţii. Preoţii sunt şocaţi. Chişinău, în frunte cu primarul acesteia, şi-au început ziua de marţi, 11 februarie, în faţa Consiliului Superior al Magistraturii.

However, brain surgery taking 10 continuous hours is not unheard-of, and medical trainees are expected to work 36 hours shifts, and that went without saying till at least, in the USA. What about plain decisions, even common ones, of perpetually tired doctors? How many wrong?

hotch dogs 2 cum de a face o mulțime de bani

How many harmful?