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The company tried to project a positive outlook for the second half driven by new content rollout, but the unease was apparent on the conference call.

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We take a look at Netflix and what could be next for the this entertainment giant. It did not take long to get the first real earnings shock.

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Out of This is the worst growth number for Netflix ever and highlights that the tailwind from Covid lockdowns is coming to an end, but the content rollout has also been light recently as production has been interrupted by Covid According to Netflix, they do not believe increasing competition is the cause of the growth slowdown. Should Netflix branch into gaming?

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At the end of the conference call management said gaming is a real threat to attracting attention for video streaming of TV-series and movies.

Netflix said that it will be an important form of entertainment going forward.

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If the company defines itself as more than a video streaming platform for TV-series and movies, then video streaming of e-sport is an obvious expansion of the business. Or even more bold, expand into gaming itself but here Netflix could quickly head into competition with other big technology platforms including Apple and Microsoft.

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What is the free cash flow equilibrium? If we assume that Netflix missed gaming completely like Microsoft initially missed the Internet and search engine technology, then Netflix will eventually be this big player in video streaming of TV-series and movies but with much slower growth rates and not being this growth story any longer. What happens then to the valuation and the stock price?

Again, the question is, what is forex net start market necessary level of recurring content production to preserve the subscriber base?

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Nobody knows this yet, but it will turn out robot de tranzacționare tumbler be the defining moment for investors.

Maybe we will know in a not-so-distant future.

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